English Training

English language training provides language instruction to adult immigrants so that they acquire the necessary language skills to integrate into Canadian society.

NCP has been offering free English language instruction to the newcomer community for over 26 years. Our team of language instructors is committed to maintaining NCP’s reputation as a caring and highly effective organization. As a result, almost 1,500 newcomers attend our English classes yearly.


  • The program is open to all adult immigrants
  • 18 years of age and over
  • Landed immigrants or convention refugee status
  • Assessment interview is required to confirm your current language proficiency

Our full-time LINC classes run Monday to Friday. These classes include:

  • English Language (levels 1–8)
  • Workplace Communication Course (level 6/7)
  • Youth and Seniors Classes
  • Early Childhood Education Assistant (level 6/7/8)

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