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Select for Success (SFS) Project, connects employers with a pool of talented newcomer candidates with the right type of skills to satisfy high-demand occupations. SFS pro­vides a range of services to employers to as­sist them with sourcing skilled workers, both inland and overseas, (through Express Entry) to meet their unique labour market needs. The project is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and is being delivered in the Region of Peel through The Newcomer Centre of Peel, in Windsor through The New Canadi­ans’ Centre of Excellence Inc. and in Thunder Bay Region by the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Develop a workforce that will provide your business with a competitive advantage that supports your business needs
  • Fill your vacancies with job-ready individuals with the right skills
  • Add individuals to your workforce who are well educated, skilled and motivated to prove themselves
  • Build a productive workforce exhibiting a strong work ethic

Specific Services Offered:

  • Employer resources centered on hiring, training and retaining newcomers
  • Connecting, matching and recruiting skilled newcomers to your workplace
  • Education and awareness centered on cultural competency and communication
  • Building diversity strategies to address workplace challenges
  • Settlement services support for newcomer employees
  • Express Entry talent sourcing and understanding the system
  • Training and program development focused on managing a culturally diverse workforce

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